Big News! And An Honest Chat

Over the past few months, I’ve started (and then abandoned) so many blog posts – posts about minimalism, intentional living, journaling, self-care, and more. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to finish a single one.


Because what I’ve learned these past few years is I struggle to write when it doesn’t come straight from my heart – if I’m not being open and honest, the words just don’t flow – and the truth is, I’ve been keeping a big secret from you all … but today I’m ready to spill the beans 😉

Big news and an honest chat about what's been going on behind the scenes this year ...… we’re having a baby!

It’s our first and the little one will be joining us in September!!

(Regular readers might remember my last post, when I said: “After months of go go go I felt an intense and instinctive urge to just slow down.” – turns out my body knew about the bub before my brain did, haha!)

I’ve wanted so badly to share the news, not just because I’m horrible at keeping secrets (which I am), but also because it’s hard for me to write about anything when I don’t feel like I’m being authentic and open.

Simply + Fiercely isn’t going to become a mommy blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I know without a doubt that the baby is going to influence and possibly challenge a lot of what I write about. I’ve always believed that minimalism and intentional living are for everyone, so it will be interesting to put my beliefs to the test moving forward.

I know from the many emails I receive that a lot of people are inspired (and often curious) about my life, so I promise to be as open and honest as possible about my fears, challenges, and also joys moving forward – starting with today’s post.

I want to share some of what’s been going on in my mind these past few months. Although I’m obviously talking about pregnancy, I think a lot of the fears and doubts I’ve had are relevant to anyone going through a big life change, so I hope you’ll all find this relatable!


As I’ve already mentioned, I believe minimalism is for everyone.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that minimalism equals owning as few things as possible; instead, I believe it’s about making mindful, intentional choices about what you bring into your life. Generally, this means you own less – but it’s not one size fit all. You own just enough to make your life work for you.

So on that note, I obviously believe you can have kids and be a minimalist – but of course, it’s easy for me to say this without any firsthand experience …

What will happen once I have a family? Will I be able to walk the talk and live up to my own rhetoric?

Deep down, I believe I will, but to be honest I haven’t always felt like a ‘good’ minimalist lately.
I started showing quite early and very quickly found out most of my wardrobe was not very pregnancy friendly. Add to that a nesting instinct … and suddenly I feel like I’m at the shops ALL THE TIME.

My brain knows it’s ok – for the most part, I’m only buying things I genuinely need and I also know a few extra purchases does not undo years of life changes. I’m not going overboard (I haven’t bought a single baby outfit yet!!) and so far everything I’ve bought has added significant value to my life (I’m talking to you smoothie maker and fancy vacuum – I never knew I could love appliances so much!!).

But to be honest, I feel a bit guilty, even though I know I shouldn’t; after all, this is something I actively discourage here on the blog! I know minimalism isn’t about deprivation and if something makes your life easier, then there is no reason to say no or give it up just for the sake of ‘being a minimalist’. But apparently, my brain and emotions aren’t always communicating at the moment!

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In additional to minimalism, I’m huge advocate of intentional living, which I define as “asking yourself why you do things – and being happy with the answers.” Again, I believe everyone can practice intentional living … but on a practical level, this looks different for different people.

For example, in recent years I’ve had the freedom to make bold changes whenever I felt my life was out of alignment, like deciding to work part-time or to go travelling. Admittedly, I have this freedom because years ago I made slow and more painful changes, like embracing minimalism and paying off all my debt, but I’d be remiss in not acknowledging that lately, I’ve had it pretty easy.

Now I’m facing a future where, like many of your reading this, I’m going to have more responsibilities – and yet again, I’m wondering if I can walk the talk.

How well will I be able to live true to myself and also take care of another human being?

I know this is something every new mama probably wonders. I’m realistic and I know I’m going to be facing a steep learning curve, but I hope the basics will still apply. My personal mantralisten to your heart, do more of what you love, and let go of all the rest – shouldn’t change, but I expect I’ll need to be even more realistic about my available resources (time, money and energy). Specifically, I think it’s going to be more important than ever that I know my priorities and how to let go.

But as with everything … right now time will tell. I truly believe this type of mindful thinking is so valuable, but I know that sometimes survival mode is the best we can do and that’s ok. (To be honest, that’s how I felt for much of the first trimester; I often struggled to get out of bed!)


This is just a small glimpse of everything going through my mind right now but don’t worry, there is also a lot of joy and excitement as well! There are a lot of question marks but I’m trying hard to be present, enjoy the moment and go along for the ride!

Ultimately, I feel there will be challenges and, of course, compromise but deep down I feel positive about finding balance. Wish me luck 😉

PS: I know these last two posts have been mostly personal updates but stayed tuned for more varied content! I think I’ve got some interesting posts in the pipeline!

So, for you wise mamas out there, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear any feedback about how you view minimalism as a family, or how you balance being true to yourself with your responsibilities (that one applies to non-mamas too!). Let me know in the comments! xx

Photo credit: me! (and the ultrasound tech!)

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60 thoughts on “Big News! And An Honest Chat”

  1. Congrats! What a great news! This is a whole new chapter in your life!
    My only advise to give you, as a fellow momma to a three-year old girl is to keep making mindful, intentional choices also about what you really need for a baby. Babies really don’t need that much, and it’s more us freaking out that anything else. I really kept it low with our baby, and there are still enough items that I wouldn’t buy for a second one!
    It is also super smart to only buy things when you really need them! Instead of piling up the house. Our girl first slept in a mini-crib, and then just when you decide to switch to a bigger crib, buy it; and sell your mini-crib. It is also really ok to try if you can do without items first to realise if you really need them or not. We received bottles and a bottlewarmer, and never used them because my baby never wanted a bottle. So buy one, try with one and see if it works or not. Same goes for so many things! We started with one cloth diaper, and after I felt confident we bought a bunch.

    To be honest, the biggest challenge is with given goods, and mostly toys from grand-parents 🙂 I try to be open to them without hurting their feelings. And yes, I’ve sold or donated toys she received and never played with.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your experience, and how you will make it work! Hugs

  2. Congratulations! That is so exciting.

    I’ve been doing a lot, I mean a whole lot, of thinking about intentional living and asking myself why I do the things I do. I keep asking myself if the things I’m doing serve me and add meaning to my life. I seem to have gotten myself caught up in a constant state of striving. All inspired by the things I love. But still. It’s exhausting.

    Can you tell by my rambling your posts are always so thought provoking? xoxo

  3. Congratulations again Jen! I was so excited when you first told us and I am so sure you will make an awesome mom! And I can’t wait to hear about this new adventure over time 😀

  4. I love it that you are so honest here! I totally understand how hard it is to write about something that isn’t totally authentic. My blog has only really developed as I’ve started to see it as a sort of professional, useful-others-diary. Congratulations on the babe! I’m looking forward to witnessing your journey into mama-hood.

  5. Congrats Jennifer!! That is such wonderful news 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about your life and the new changes coming your way!

  6. Congrats (again!)

    It’s lovely to hear you’re doing well even as you’re gearing up for the changes that’ll be coming. Looking forward to seeing how you’ll shape minimalism and intentional living to suit this new stage of your life. And I’m sure you’ll be able to keep at it with kids, Jen. I’m cheering you on!


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