Thank you for joining the “Clear Your Closet” Decluttering Workshop!

You will receive an email next week with more information. In the meantime, if you have any questions you can contact me at jennifer (at)

Chat soon xx Jen

Workshop #1 will be held on Sunday, 28 April at 7:30p EST

In this workshop, I’ll teach you a practical, step-by-step method for decluttering your closet. This workshop will be live so you can ask questions and get them answered in real time.

Break (opportunity for you to apply what you’ve learned)

After the workshop, there will be a break so you can apply what you’ve learned and continue to tackle your closet. During this time, there will be ongoing support in a private FB group.

Workshop #2 will be held on Sunday, 12 May at 7:30p EST

In this workshop, we will troubleshoot your decluttering challenges. All those items you “don’t know what to do with”? We’ll tackle them here with group feedback, practical advice and possibly a bit of tough love. There will also be some times on how to dispose of your unwanted items.