There is No Certainty. There is Only Adventure.

When I was 22 years old I decided that I really wanted to live in London. So I bought a one way ticket, organised a six month work permit, scraped together $500 in savings and I was on my merry way.

Things did not start well. A few hours into my flight I fell ill and spent most of the trip curled up in a my seat with a kind flight attendant laying cool towels on my brow. (The first but certainly not the last time a generous stranger has saved me on my travels.) By the time we landed I had improved but I still felt weak and very uncertain if Iā€™d be able to make it to my hostel ok. I was scared.

I exited the plane and sat on a bench to catch my breath. As I looked around Heathrow, I felt my excitement start to overcome me and my illness fade. Over a decade later I can look back and clearly feel the excitement and hope I felt that day ā€“ the thrill that comes with a fresh start. I remember picking up my ridiculously oversized backpack, making my way to my crowded hostel, and falling asleep feel completely satisfied with myself.

I had no money and no friends, but I did have a ridiculous amount of self belief that comes with youth, and within a few days I landed beautifully on my feet and went on to have an amazing trip that changed my life (and eventually brought me to Australia.)

Why am I sharing this story today?

Because today is the first day I’m sharing this blog, filled with the stories and lessons that make me who I am, with the whole world. (Or maybe just you mom!)

It’s scares me, but I know it’s time for self belief. I know that almost everything wonderful in my life has started with something that scares me, so I’m embracing the fear and holding on tight. I hope you’ll be joining me for the ride!

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

Anyway – enough of the heart to heart! You’re here and thank you so much for joining me on my new blog! Woohoo!

Can I start with a few quick thank yous? Firstly, much love to my talented friend Laura, the graphic designer behind my logo, who spent hours listening to my ideas and giving feedback on my content. Next, thank you to my new friend Meriellen who took my photos and was incredibly patient (my eyes are almost always shut in pics!)

And lastly a HUGE thank you to my dear friend BJ, the force behind Lily + Charlie. She makes gorgeous soy candles, hand-poured with love in Tasmania, and she generously donated a luxury candle as a prize for one of my lucky subscribers.

She is an incredibly selfless person and juggles running her business with successful career (all while raising two beautiful children.) A few months ago, she read about One Girl, a non profit on a mission to educate 1 million girls in Africa. BJ was so inspired by their mission that she reached out and partnered with them; she is selling a custom candle and all profits go to direct to One Girl!

Inspired by her generosity, I’ve got good news for you! I have purchased a special One Girl candle, so now I have 2 prizes to give away tonight!

Drum roll please …

Lily + Charlie Giveaway ... and the winner is!

Alana + Julia – check your emails! Congratulations! Please contact me so I can arrange to send you your candles! And a big thank you to everyone else who subscribed and entered.

It has been a HUGE few weeks, so I’m off to celebrate with a few cold beers and some chicken wings (my weakness!) If you have a moment to look around I suggest you start here, or you can learn more about me here. Check out below or in my sidebar for some other posts that may interest you.

Mwah! Have a wonderful night and do something that scares you too. xx

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photo credit Zak Suhar // Used with permission

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog via the new Blonde With a Budget form and I am already super inspired by your journeys! I subscribed via Bloglovin’ and I really cannot wait to read more.


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