10 Simple Pleasures That Make Life Beautiful

Simply + Fiercely

If your to-do list isn’t as short as you’d wish, don’t feel discouraged. Between busyness and a complete slow-down, there’s a sweet spot for being present, slow, and mindful.

With practice, you can make space to enjoy life’s simple pleasures: a sip of tea, a slice of cake, a moment of conscious breathing or watching the sky. It’s these small things that make life feel worthwhile.

To help encourage this joyful habit, I’ve created a list of 10 daily acts for you to celebrate—because life is truly more remarkable when we’re not in the fast lane.

I’m not sure if it’s about vitamin D or something else. But there’s nothing as beautiful and refreshing as waking up when the sun is shining through your window.

The Sun Waking You Up In The Morning

A way of making it even more special is to pause before drinking to really take in the smell. Or else—you could ask your loved one to brew coffee for you and bring it to your bed.

The Smell Of Freshly-Brewed Coffee

Grounding – so getting in touch with the Earth’s natural electric charge – has been shown to reduce stress and pain, and improve our mood.

A Few Minutes of Earthing

Assign a couple of minutes each morning or evening for some slow reading. When I make a ritual out of reading, it helps me relax and go deeper into it.

Do Some Old-Fashioned Reading

Who doesn’t adore the flickering quality of candlelight? Candles can be very therapeutic, helping to concentrate and ground in the moment. It can be beneficial if you’re trying to meditate.

Light A Candle In The Evening

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