11 Daily Habits For Simple Living That Can Change Your Life

Simply + Fiercely

I’ve been writing about simple living online for many years now, and one thing I’ve learned during this time is just how much people want to slow down.

There’s been a shift in awareness that I’ve noticed both online and off. I see it in my friends, family and acquaintances—a realization that our busy, fast-paced lives are just not sustainable in the long run.

Instead, we’re searching for something slow and meaningful. We want a genuine connection with loved ones, time to explore our passions, and space to rest and simply be still.

Simple living is about slowing down and creating space for the things that matter, which is why journaling is one of my favourite daily habits.

Daily journaling

A simple way of making better, more intentional decisions is by adopting the habit of pressing pause before acting. Take a deep breath and think about the impact of your decision.

Pause before acting

Figure out what restores you, both mentally and physically, and then do it—often and without guilt.

Daily self-care

It doesn’t have to be complicated—could you read a book with your children, ask your friend about her day, or give your husband a big bear hug for no apparent reason?

Spend time with people you love

Fortunately, I have strong daily habits that keep cleaning from overwhelming me. For more on what works for me, check out my minimalist cleaning routine.

Simplify your cleaning

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