11 Life-Changing Journaling Tips For Beginners

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried to start journaling, but perhaps you’re struggling to follow through or create a regular habit.

I know it can be hard when you’re staring at a blank page, feeling stuck and wondering what on earth to write about.

As an avid journal-keeper, I’ve been there too. But I’ve also picked up a few tips that have transformed my writing and, ultimately, my life.

Journal prompts are simple statements and questions designed to inspire your writing. They can be very helpful if you’re just starting because they give you a place to begin.

Keep a list of go-to prompts

Many people struggle with journaling because it feels like you’re talking to yourself, so here’s a simple tip that often helps: write as though you’re talking to someone else.

Talk to someone

If you’re working from a list of journaling prompts, using a guided journal, or experimenting with a new journaling method, and something doesn’t feel right for you—then it’s OK to stop.

Journal about what you want

Not only should you write about what you want, but you should write how you want. You can use a bullet journal, a ratty old notebook, beautiful pens, or your phone and one of many notetaking apps.

Journal how you want

When I first started journaling, I’d buy a beautiful notebook and then it would sit empty for months because I was so overwhelmed by that first blank page. If you can relate, here is a straightforward albeit scary tip: cover the first page with a big scribble!

Start with a scribble

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