14 Easy Hacks That Will Make Life Simpler

Simply + Fiercely

If you want to make life simpler, you don’t have to give up modern comforts and move to a cabin in the woods.

Instead, it’s all about paying attention to the unnecessary stress and friction in our lives—and then ironing out the bumps best you can.

There are so many tiny things that we can do to make life easier, from creating new habits to simply choosing what deserves our time and energy. Here are 14 ideas that you can try today.

Try using apps and notebooks to keep tabs on things for you. This will allow you to use your brain for more important things, such as creative projects.

Write things down

Make getting dressed simpler by creating a personal uniform. A personal uniform is simply a proven outfit “formula” or combination, like skinny jeans with long tees or pencil skirts with button-down blouses.

Dress with a personal uniform

My good friend Sam calls this clean rest—it’s time that we intentionally set aside for relaxation without feeling guilty about it.

Put ‘do nothing’ time on your calendar

If you constantly feel worse after visiting the same page on social media, unfollow that page. Or if it’s a person that you’d like to stay connected with, you can usually mute them instead.

Unfollow and unsubscribe

Marketers are a clever bunch. Everything from lighting to layout in a shop is designed to entice you into buying. Keep shopping simple by always writing a list before you leave home—and sticking to it.

Keep a shopping list

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