3 Things To Do

When You Feel Overwhelmed

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If you want to find balance in life, you must believe your time is valuable and act accordingly. 

tip no. 1

Make sure you're taking care of yourself—and I'm not talking about journaling or candles.

Get Back To Basics

I mean the basics: drink water, eat regularly, and get some sleep.

Do everything you can to restore your physical energy levels because it will be hard to deal with overwhelm without it.

tip no. 2

Start Saying 'No'

Turn down every non-essential request or invitation. Now is the time to practice setting and maintaining boundaries.

This is a must because adding more to your plate will only make things worse—

It's like trying to clean a flooded bathroom while the tap is still running. You're fighting a battle you can't win.

Write A Detailed Plan

Break down everything you need to do into baby steps so you don't have to think about what to do next.

tip no. 3

Take a deep breath

stop overthinking and follow the plan.

Slow, simple living is the antidote to a busy and cluttered life.

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