3 ways to

celebrate a minimalist christmas

simply + fiercely

tip no. 1

Does it feel like the holidays keep getting bigger each year? More decorations, more gifts, more money ...

how much is enough? 

It's exhausting because there's so much pressure to do more.  

But it doesn't have to be that way. Talk with your loved ones and set boundaries. Decide how much is enough—or you'll never be done.

Think about things such as gifts, decorations, parties , meals, and your budget. Define what "done" means to you.

invite honest conversation

We feel so much pressure to make the holidays perfect for our families ... but what do they really want?

tip no. 2

A minimalist approach to Christmas is to simply ... ask them. 

Maybe the 5 course meal you prepare every year isn't as important as you think.  Maybe they really want more time with you?

You'll never know if you don't ask. Just like they won't know how overwhelmed you're feeling unless you tell them. 

tip no. 3

Define Your Priorities

Life never goes exactly to plan. It's likely that you'll run out of time, money, energy — or all 3!

Don't panic!  Instead, plan ahead. 

If you need to skip an event, buy one less gift, or make one less side dish—what will it be? This isn't set in stone and you don't need all the answers...

But just asking the question and knowing that you have options if you need them can make the holiday season more fun and enjoyable. 

I'm Jennifer, and I write about my minimalist life with 2 kids. 

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