4 Easy Steps To Create A Minimalist Home


Despite what you may have heard, a minimalist home doesn't have to be modern or bare.

Instead, I invite you to consider a different definition of a minimalist home: a space that feels just right for you and your family.

It’s not too cluttered or too bare. The colours, the furniture, and the style still represent you but in a way that’s just enough.

If this sounds good, then here are 4 easy steps that will help you get started.

What’s important to you, and what do you need from your home?

Step 1: If you want to create a minimalist home, the first thing to do is think about how it can serve you.

Is it space to play? A low maintenance home with minimal upkeep? Room to rest and relax?

It's important to get clear about your goals.

Step 2: Declutter your home.

It's OK to take it slow. Just keep your goals in mind while you work.

And if you get stuck?

Ask yourself — will this item take me closer or further from the home I want most?

Step 3: Leave empty space

After decluttering, you'll feel the urge to 'fill' empty spaces—but sit with that feeling for a bit.  How does it feel to have room to breathe?

Step 4: Regularly audit your home.

Your lifestyle—and the things you need to support it—will change over time. So don't forget to check in regularly. What deserves to stay? And what needs to go?

Want to learn more?

As a shopaholic turned minimalist, I've learned a few things over the years.  Click for more tips, and a free decluttering guide!