4 Ways To Declutter Without Feeling Guilty

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As a people-pleasing, former shopaholic, I know what it’s like to struggle with clutter. My decluttering journey was long and hard, and I felt guilty about wasted money, the environment, upsetting family members, and so much more.

But time and experience have taught me there are practical things you can do to make letting go easier.

Keep reading for four game-changing ways to declutter without guilt so you can reclaim space and peace of mind!

Instead of looking at clutter as a failure or a mistake, I reframed it as an opportunity for learning.

Reframe your clutter as education

I stopped dwelling on past mistakes and started looking for clues. Why were certain items not being used, or why did they no longer serve their purpose.

My tip is to balance your expectations with the resources you have available. If you’re retired and have minimal responsibilities, then sure—you can spend years researching how to dispose of your items.

Research ways to dispose of your unwanted items

Set a time limit that feels reasonable for you (say two hours). Then, during that time, research as many options as possible. You might want to look into recycling facilities and donation centres.

I think so many of us struggle with decluttering-related guilt because we struggle with self-kindness and compassion. Over the years, I’ve gotten better at recognising that I deserve to be comfortable and at ease in my home.

Practice self-kindness and compassion

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