4 Ways To Save Money With Minimalism


Before I discovered minimalism, I was a shopaholic—with the overflowing closet and giant credit card balance to prove it.

Now I live debt-free, I save regularly, and I finally have room to breathe.

Let's look at how it happened ....

But first, a disclaimer: minimalism doesn't automatically save money.

Especially if your definition of minimalism is centred around owning as few things as possible.

I know that sometimes, buying more can save money (like when you shop in bulk).

But that's OK because I believe minimalism is about being intentional and aligning your life with your values — which brings me to the first way minimalism saves money...

#1 You become more intentional with your purchases. You think carefully about what deserves space in your life and as a result, you spend less.

#2 You can downsize. When you own less, you need less space — so you can spend less on housing.

#3 You have more time and energy. When you're less stressed, you make less impulse or connivence purchases. You'd be surprised how much this adds up!

#4 Minimalism encourages a long-term focus.

Decluttering is about crafting the home you want—and by extension the life you want. You start to think carefully about what you want most, and you spend accordingly.

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