5 Decluttering Methods You Haven’t Tried

Simply + Fiercely

I spent over a decade experimenting with new methods of decluttering, testing them in my own home and eventually with clients as well.

My focus was—and continues to be—on creating new perspective shifts. When we find new ways of looking at clutter, we find new opportunities for letting go.

Here are five of the best decluttering methods I’ve used, and I hope you’ll try them too!

Choose one item in your home that you feel prepared to declutter.  Write down everything you can think of. Then, when you’re done, return to your closet and look for other items that meet the same criteria.

The Snowball Method

Instead of packing them away, put them somewhere inconvenient, like your dining room table or the middle of your living room floor. Leave it there until you’re ready to make a decision.

The Overly Inconvenient Method

Simply choose two items and then ask yourself, “Which of these items do I like more?” Repeat this process over and over until you’re done, but never choose between more than two items at once.

The Toddler Method

If everything you owned disappeared and you were starting fresh, how much would be enough in all areas of your life?

Start with Enough

I took my brother‘s items out of my closet and placed them on my dresser (put your items anywhere you’ll see them on a daily basis, but it doesn’t have to be somewhere inconvenient).

The Discharge Method

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