5 Helpful Decluttering Checklists For Your Home

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I know that one of the hardest parts of decluttering is just getting started. When you have your entire home to go through, it can be overwhelming—there’s so much stuff and so little time!

Plus, odds are you have a lot on your plate (between work, family, and life), and you’re tired of making decisions.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. This collection of decluttering checklists, along with some of my top tips, will take the stress and overwhelm out of decluttering your home.

Your bedroom is the perfect place to start decluttering because it’s where you retreat at the end of the day. If it feels light and open, you’ll find it easier to rest and recharge.

Bedroom checklist

The living room (or family room) is often a place where people gather to enjoy each other’s company. Which is great—except it often becomes a dumping ground for everyone’s stuff.

Living room checklist

The kitchen can often feel like the most overwhelming room to tackle, with so many nooks and cubbies hiding all sorts of things!

Kitchen checklist

Decluttering the kids’ bedrooms can be a great project to do together. It gives you a chance to teach the importance of being intentional, and it also helps them feel better about letting things go.

Kids’ bedroom checklist

The number of small tubes and bottles that end up in our bathrooms can be enough to overwhelm anyone, but this checklist should help you begin.

Bathroom checklist

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