7 Journal Prompts For Self-Esteem And Confidence

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Journaling is a powerful tool for combating low self-worth. If you struggle with negative beliefs about yourself, here are seven journal prompts for self-esteem that can help improve your confidence.

My journal is a safe space for me to do inner work, on my own time, without fear of judgement.

The following prompts have helped increase my confidence level and develop healthy self-esteem, and I hope that you’ll find them helpful as well.

Identifying the origin of your stories doesn’t make them go away, but it can diminish the power they have over you.

When did you first feel like you weren’t good enough?

Now that you know the stories that leave you feeling small, it’s time to flip the narrative. Think back to a time when you felt confident and proud of yourself.

Describe in detail a time when you felt confident. What were you doing, and how did you feel?

Set a timer for 10 minutes and look for examples that challenge your self-doubts. Just write and don’t overthink things.

Look for the good things and celebrate your greatest strengths.

Sometimes one of the simplest ways to feel more confident is to get clear on what you’re striving for. Maybe you’ve only been doubting yourself because you’re trying to live by someone else’s rules.

What would make you feel like a more confident person?

Affirmations are short statements that we repeat to ourselves. They aren’t magic (nothing on this list is!), but they can be a great way of rewriting a negative belief for some people.

Write your own self-love affirmations.

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