7 Reasons Why You Struggle To Declutter Clothes

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As a former shopaholic, I know how hard it is to declutter clothes. I had so many pretty things, and for years, letting go felt impossible. But what I didn’t realise, at least at first, is why it was so difficult.

Of course, I knew what my roadblocks were. I felt constantly triggered by thoughts like: – “What if I need this someday?” – “I love it; I just never have time to wear it!”

If you feel stuck, keep reading to learn seven surprising reasons why it’s hard to let go and my top tips for creating a decluttered closet.

The way most people describe their personal style lacks clarity, which leads to a lack of direction and overwhelming decision fatigue!

You don’t have a clear vision for your closet

So what’s the solution? Clarity. Create a strong vision for your closet and be specific. What colours do you like wearing? What fabrics? Or even simple things like necklines.

Have you ever found yourself obsessed with an article of clothing that you “love” but, for some reason, never wear?

You like the idea of your clothes more than you enjoy wearing them

If so, these are sure signs that you love the idea of your clothes more than actually wearing them.  When you recognise this, it makes clothes decluttering so much easier.

If you’ve ever thought, “what if I need this someday?” and then felt overwhelmed by the thought of letting go, it’s because you’re asking your brain to look for problems.

You’re looking for problems, not solutions

But what if you made a slight change to your question? What if you asked, “If I needed this someday and didn’t have it, what could I do instead?” Now your brain is actively looking for solutions.

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