7 Ways To Unplug At The End Of A Long Day

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We all know the feeling of collapsing on the couch after a long day at work. Our bodies are desperately craving rest, and our minds want nothing more than to unwind and unplug.

But you know what happens, right? You just can’t shut down. Your thoughts race, your to-do list beckons, and you end up mindlessly scrolling on your phone to distract yourself.

If you can relate, here are seven slow living strategies helping me unplug from technology (and the world!). I’m not perfect, but I’m learning how to disconnect and relax—and I hope these tips help you do so as well.

We can look for opportunities to create a rich sensory environment in our homes. - burn candles or diffuse essential oils - use mood lighting - play a favourite playlist or album

Create a sensory environment

These are just a few simple ways I try to create a special atmosphere after work. Of course, with two young kids, it’s not always as serene as I’d like—but there’s still something a bit magical about making an effort.

Another way to unplug from the day is to experiment with an end of the day ritual. You can go for a walk, take a shower, or even incorporate some of the above ideas (like lighting a candle).

Try an end of the day ritual

A bonus tip if you really want to disconnect is to say goodnight to your technology every evening. Put your laptop in a case or your phone on charge, and you can even give it a little “tuck, tuck” for the night.

If you’re sitting on the sofa, ready to relax, but your mind just won’t switch off—then I highly recommend trying a little journaling session.

Use pen and paper to clear your mind

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