8 Easy Shifts That Make Life Better

Simply + Fiercely

I recently spent a few weeks offline, connecting with loved ones and reflecting on life. One thought I kept coming back to is how much effort we put into trying to make life better.

We chase things—a promotion at work, a bigger house, or even a new pair of shoes.  It’s so easy to look outward for things that will make us feel better.

But deep down, I know that the best way to make life easier and more joyful is to look within. Here are a few simple shifts that I’m working on. It’s not an exhaustive list but I hope something here will help make life better for you as well.

Your values are what matters most to you or your non-negotiables. They make like better because they help you assess how things weigh-up against, work towards or add to what you value.

Know your non-negotiables

One of the simplest ways to start practising this is by listening—genuinely listening without planning your response or thinking of a related story to tell.

Seek to understand

The quest for a better life is an exciting one that will usually lead to many new things to learn and do. But before you rush off to add more to your life, make sure you leave time to tend to yourself.

Fill your cup

It’s about pressing pause and assuming the best until you have evidence to the contrary (especially with those who have already earned your trust).

Give people the benefit of the doubt

This isn’t about ignoring negative feelings or denying that life is hard. Instead, it’s about acknowledging them and then deciding how we’re going to react.

Grow through, don’t get through

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