8 Sunday Journal Prompts: Reflect + Reset For A Great Week

Simply + Fiercely

If you want to start out each week with a sense of purpose, these Sunday journal prompts are the perfect way to start.

Whether you love daily journaling on a regular basis or just want to try it out for a little bit, Sunday is the perfect time to put yourself in the present moment and look ahead at the upcoming week with positivity and courage.

There are so many great things about journaling, but Sunday journal entries are extra special. Why? Because they set the tone.

Start out basic with your favorite motivator. Is it a deadline? The idea of a reward at the end? Then, go deeper with it.

I feel motivated when I….

Think about what you don’t want to carry with you into next week.  This can be as simple as replaying a stressful situation in your mind.

What will I let go of this week?

Basically, emotional clouds are fears, worries, doubts, or anything that is cluttering your mind so that you can’t hear your inner voice clearly. Once those clouds clear up, decision-making is so much easier.

What are my emotional clouds?

Write down at least three things that are the most important to you. Go beyond the obvious answers of “my family and my dog.”

What matters the most to me this week?

Writing down all of the successes from the previous week is the best way to celebrate them and memorialize them!

What went well last week?

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