A Closet Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear

Simply + Fiercely

A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear … why does this happen, and what should you do about it? Keep reading to find out!

I’m Jen, a reformed shopaholic turned minimalist and simple living advocate. BUT before you roll your eyes and click away, know that I love fashion and believe getting dressed can be a fun way to express yourself.

The key is finding that elusive balance: a closet full of clothes that look AND feel good. (And if you can do it without wasting a ton of money on clothes you never wear, all the better!)

You should start with wardrobe essentials. Throw out any preconceptions about wardrobe basics or capsule wardrobes. Instead, think about your favourite outfits.

How to create a functional wardrobe you love and wear

What do you always wear on repeat (or what do you feel best in), and what’s essential to create more of those outfits?

For example, I love short, flowy dresses, which I wear with shorts underneath to avoid flashing everyone. They are comfortable on my stomach, show off my legs, and are fun to wear.

They work for my lifestyle, and I know I’ll feel good in my clothes. Now, instead of reinventing the wheel every day, I simply repeat this style.

My “basics” are shorts and easy layering pieces, and a good chunk of my wardrobe is a collection of dresses. This allows me to be minimalist without sacrificing fun and variety—in a sense, I have created a personal uniform, which is what I actually recommend for everyone.

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