A Guide For Getting Started With Minimalism

Simply + Fiercely

Are you wondering how to be a minimalist? Perhaps you’re just getting started with the minimalist lifestyle, but you’re not sure what to do first.

Don’t worry! I’ve been there too, and I remember exactly how overwhelming it was when I first got started with minimalism.

Here are some of my top tips and resources to help you get started with minimalism.

In my experience, clarity is the first step to success. The more you understand what being a minimalist means for you, the easier it is to stay motivated.

Why Minimalism? Reasons to Become a Minimalist

You can still start your minimalist journey simply by changing the way you make decisions. Every time you’re tempted to bring something new into your life, ask yourself—how does this align with my values and priorities?

How Do I Start Becoming a Minimalist?

These are mistakes that I’ve seen people make time and time again, and I’m pointing them out to save you time, energy and even money.

How To Be a Minimalist (Learn from My Mistakes!)

Begin by getting started; take the leap, and don’t procrastinate. The time to start living your best life is now.

To recap the most important things I know about how becoming a minimalist:

Even when you’re too busy to declutter, you can always control what you allow into your life. Stop shopping—and you don’t need one last thing to get started!

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