A Minimalist Approach To Life: 5 Principles I Swear By

Simply + Fiercely

I believe that minimalism is a state of mind. It’s less about what you own and more about how you think. Owning less stuff is just a byproduct of this new mindset and not the other way around.

The advantage of this approach to minimalism is that you transform your life from the inside out. It’s about so much more than having a tidy home and less stuff to clean.

When you embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you start to feel different—and for me, it was like taking off a mask. Instead of hiding behind my clutter, I was finally free to be myself.

Setting these limits provides immense relief and freedom. Once I have enough (of anything), I don’t have to think about it anymore. I can stop browsing the shops, stop feeling guilty about rest, and stop trying to keep up with everyone else.

You ask, “How much is enough?”

When people have too much clutter, it’s often caused by a lack of clarity. If you don’t know what you want (or conversely, what you don’t want), you’re more likely to be pulled in a million directions.

You know what you do and don’t want

Big or small, the point is to stay curious. Challenge what you think you need in your life, and you might be surprised by how easy it is to let go.

You experiment with letting go and aren’t afraid to challenge your beliefs

Decluttering isn’t about giving up the things that add value to our lives. Instead, it’s about letting go of what holds us back—and with this mindset, it becomes empowering.

You view decluttering as an opportunity

I’m fiercely protective about taking care of myself. I leave the dishes in the sink, and emails go unanswered, but I know that at the end of the day, rest is the ultimate productivity hack.

You make rest a priority

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