Back To Basics With Simple Living

Simply + Fiercely

As a mum of two, there’s a lot on my plate, and sometimes I can feel myself losing sight of my values and priorities. When this happens, it’s a sign that I need to press the reset button.

This desire comes from a deep-seated need for ease and slowness, which isn’t new, but it has grown in intensity recently.

This season of my life has brought new challenges, but the solutions are well known to me; no matter where we are in our lives, I believe we can all benefit from going back to the basics of simple living.

You must define your core values and create a personal vision if you want to live with purpose because if not, what will you use to guide you?

Know your values and vision

I’ve found that one of the most powerful ways to create ease in your everyday life is by being mindful of your mental space.

Be mindful of your mental space

Our schedules must reflect our priorities because the little things we do every day add up, and over time, they become the big things. We can either intentionally choose these “big things”, or our habits will choose them for us.

Be intentional with your time

As a people pleaser, this has been hard for me because I hate letting other people down—but I’ve come to accept that there are always tradeoffs in life.

Learn to say ‘no’

Simple living is often associated with letting go of physical possessions and commitments, but it doesn’t stop there; we can also “declutter” our minds by questioning the stories we tell ourselves.

Question the stories you tell yourself

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