Reasons You Struggle to Declutter Clothes

Tip One:

You like the idea of your clothes more than wearing them.

Have you ever found yourself obsessed with an article of clothing that you “love” but, for some reason, never wear? 

Maybe it’s something you adore when you see it on other women or in magazines, but you just can’t seem to make it work for you—so it stays in your closet? If so, these are sure signs that you love the idea of your clothes more than actually wearing them.

Tip TWO:

You’re looking for problems, not solutions

If you’ve ever thought, “what if I need this someday?” and then felt overwhelmed by the thought of letting go, it’s because you’re asking your brain to look for problems.

You find a million scenarios where you “might need this” because that is what you asked your brain to do. But what if you made a slight change to your question? What if you asked, “If I needed this someday and didn’t have it, what could I do instead?”

Now your brain is actively looking for solutions, and my guess is you’ll find ways to make do—and I can almost guarantee this simple shift will make the decluttering process easier.


You’re not sure why you’re decluttering

We declutter when our clothes no longer add value to our lives or when the value of letting go outweighs the value of holding on. If you’re struggling to declutter clothing items, all you have to do is increase the value of letting go. And how do you do that? By getting clear on why you’re decluttering.

Ask yourself questions like, 'What are the benefits of owning fewer clothes?" and "How do want to feel when I look inside my closet?" for a fresh perspective.

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