Decluttering: How To Decide What To Keep?

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Do you struggle to decide what to keep when decluttering? Here are some tips that will help you let go with confidence.

To Keep Or Not to Keep? One of the most challenging parts of the minimalist lifestyle is knowing what to keep and what to let go.

But learning to make thoughtful, intentional decisions is always worth the effort.

Pausing and taking a moment to remove ourselves from the situation creates space to make rational decisions and view the big picture. When we better understand why our lives are busy and cluttered, we become empowered to do something about it.

Pause and create space to reflect

I created a vision for my wardrobe and then, used this vision to define boundaries. Doing this took the stress and emotion out of decision making, and it also helped with decision fatigue.

Define boundaries

Even with your big picture in mind and clearly defined boundaries, you might still struggle to make decluttering decisions. When this happens, it’s often because there’s a fear that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

Acknowledge and address your fears

Finally, when faced with a tough decision, sometimes we need to accept isn’t a clear right or wrong answer.

Accept there isn’t always a right or wrong answer

When you’re intentional with what you own, you also become intentional with what you do—and this changes everything.

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