Effective Decluttering Tips That Nobody Discusses

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Nowadays, it feels like everyone’s searching for some life-changing hack that will make decluttering easier—and trust me, I understand!

Decluttering was physically and emotionally exhausting, and I spent more time than I’d like to admit beating myself up for letting it get so bad in the first place.

I just wanted it gone, so I did what you’re doing right now: I hopped online and read article after article of decluttering tips.  I realise there’s one decluttering hack that no one talks about. Keep reading to find out more!

Decluttering is NOT like spring cleaning, and the problem was not my lack of effort. Instead, it was a lack of curiosity and compassion.

You‘re focusing on the wrong problem

If you have a lot of stuff, going through hundreds of items, one by one, is a recipe for failure. Our brains can only make so many quality decisions before they throw in the towel.

Most decluttering advice leaves you feeling overwhelmed

Stuff we can’t let go because there’s still no closure. It turns out the key to decluttering most items is processing the emotions that are stored inside them. And that’s not possible if we pretend they don’t exist.

Clutter is often a placeholder for difficult feelings

But, on a more practical note, doing more of what makes you happy now is actually a secret decluttering tip.

It’s like when you hear an inspiring story, and suddenly, you realise that some of your problems aren’t really that important. The same thing happens with your stuff when you start having more fun.

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