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How Many Clothes is Too Many? And How Much Do You Really Need?


Are you worried you have too many clothes?

But how many is too many? As a minimalist, I'm asked this often ... but my answer might surprise you.

But this actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many people expect me to say, “you should only own 30 items of clothing” or something ridiculous like that.

Instead, I firmly believe that there’s no “one size fits all” answer to how much is too much.

Some people need more clothes than others, which reflects lifestyle, environment, values, and priorities.

I have young kids, which means my life is messy, and I often can't re-wear things. Owning fewer clothes would mean stressing about laundry running out of things to wear.

But a few years ago, life was different. I had no kids, I lived in a studio apartment, and all my clothes fit in a small suitcase!

All this to say—our needs are different and they change with time.

We’re all different, and things change, so stop worrying about “How many clothes is too many?”

What’s right for you might be too much for one friend or not enough for another.

Instead, ask yourself:  “Is the cost of keeping all my clothes greater than the value they add to my life?”

Does your closet stress you out?

Do you struggle to find what you're looking for?

Do you feel guilty about what you’re not wearing?

These are signs that you have more than you need ... and it might be time to let go.