How To Be Happy With What You Have + Stop Wanting More

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How can you stop wanting more and genuinely feel happy with what you already have? I struggled with this for years and it’s what kept me stuck when I first started exploring a minimalist lifestyle.

My brain knew that I didn’t need anything else but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of constantly wanting more.

Fortunately, I was eventually able to overcome this hurdle and I’ve been living as a minimalist for nearly a decade now. Here’s what I’ve learned about being happy with what you have and how to genuinely stop wanting more.

The first step to wanting less and being happy with what you have is to understand where these urges come from. Don’t judge yourself—instead, be curious. What happened right before you began wanting more?

“I Don’t Know Why I Want More”

The next step is to look at the stories you tell yourself. Which of your own stories fuel your constant need for more and how can you consciously begin re-writing these stories?

Rewrite The Stories You Tell Yourself

If you want to feel happy with what you have, then another tip is to practice gratitude regularly. The simplest way to do this is by writing a daily gratitude list.

Practice Gratitude Regularly

If you gradually start buying less and less new things, this will eventually become your new normal.

Normalise Living With Less

Resisting this twitch is going to take practice and repetition, so start small. Next time you feel an urge—even for something small like a takeaway coffee—try resisting.

Resist Instant Gratification

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