How to Begin Organizing When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Simply + Fiercely

The first thing to know is that feeling stressed and overwhelmed is usually less about how much clutter you have and more about your confidence in dealing with it.

Embracing a beginner’s mind will help you overcome the paralysis, so you can find the courage to get started.

Try these simple steps that will help you declutter your home, even when you’re overwhelmed with too much stuff.

Before you start clearing out your unwanted goods, you need to take a long hard look at where your clutter comes from, and a great first step is examining your shopping habits.

Stop adding to the problem

I recommend an approach that I refer to as Mindful Decluttering. It involves clearly defining what you want from your home and life and then consciously working towards that vision by decluttering and letting go.

Cultivate the right mindset

If you love checking things off a to-do list … start with a small space and avoid sentimental items. If you get bored easily or struggle with motivation … try an exciting project instead of an easy one.

Choose one small project

By predefining these rules, you provide yourself with a framework that helps you make quick decisions. You’ll feel less overwhelmed because you’ll have a personalized roadmap to guide you along the way.

Establish clear decision-making guidelines

You need to get to the heart of your roadblocks—this is essential to not only decluttering your home but also simplifying your entire life. But be patient with yourself, and don’t let unrealistic expectations overwhelm you.

Identify + tackle your roadblocks

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