How To Declutter While Letting Go Of Memorable Things

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My decluttering journey has been far from easy! But over the years, I’ve learned a few things about letting go, which I’m going to share in this story.

If you want to carve out space in your home and mind but find it hard to let go of sentimental objects, don’t despair.

There are ways to declutter—kind, compassionate ways that respect your stories and your past.

These items are tough to declutter; sadly, I have much firsthand experience with this. One thing that really helped me was thinking about the legacy I want to leave for my own family.

Items that remind you of a family member or loved one

When I’m gone, I want my memory to be a celebration of life. I don’t want them to feel weighed down or burdened, especially by something as unimportant as a physical object. If you agree, use this perspective to help you let go of the sentimental clutter.

What do a report you wrote in high school, a brochure from a work trip abroad, and a coaster from your favourite nightclub have in common?  These items tell stories about our identity.

Sentimental clutter is often identity clutter

If you can relate, practising self-acceptance and creating rituals that allow space for closure may help.  The way forward involved a journaling exercise that allowed me to grieve that path I never took while also expressing gratitude for the one I’m on.

Not all sentimental items are a pleasant walk down memory lane. Sometimes we experience strong negative emotions, such as guilt or regret.

Are you keeping clutter as punishment?

When this happens, you might be keeping your clutter as a way of punishing yourself.  Do what you can to make amends and forgive yourself for the past. I encourage you to view decluttering as a tool for healing.

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