How To Declutter Your Closet


One of the BEST things about minimalism is reaching into your closet and knowing that you'll feel good no matter what you put on.

Of course, having more time, energy, and freedom are all pretty great reasons to simplify too!

But real talk: feeling good about your closet is life-changing.

After all, I used to waste HOURS of my life obsessing over what to wear. I had over a hundred pairs of shoes. A giant walk-in closet. Custom racking to display it all.

Still, I rarely felt confident or comfortable in my clothes. My overflowing closet was a huge mishmash of things ... and I felt like I had nothing to wear.

This changed when I finally decluttered my closet. It took me a while, but once I found a system that worked — wow. Getting dressed was easier and I felt better about myself.

Here's how I did it ...

Step 1: Don't start by dumping everything out of your closet.

Instead, look at what you wear most often and GET CURIOUS. The key is to figure out your style, based on what you actually wear.

You might think you love vintage dresses, but if you always wear jeans and a  t-shirt—that's what you like wearing!

Embrace it and realise you can admire a style, without wearing it yourself.

Step 2: Use what you learned from auditing your favourite clothes to create your own style guidelines.

Consider colours, fabrics, hemlines, and more!

Step 3: Use your guidelines to declutter your closet!

(And if you get stuck ... keep reading)

Step 4: Your relationship with your closet is complicated.

You may have to work through thoughts and beliefs (like fears and insecurities) before you can let go. Make time to do the deeper work.

Want to learn more?


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