How to Stay Organized Despite Unwanted Expenses

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Decluttering your home is never an easy task, especially when you regret spending money.

We feel too guilty about money that we’ve wasted so instead of decluttering, we close our closet doors and try to pretend that our stuff doesn’t exist.

Or at least, this was how I handled my clutter for years! I didn’t want to face my mistakes … until I realised that the cost of hanging on was worse than the pain of letting go.

Here’s the hard truth—if you own something you never use then your money was wasted the minute you left the shop.

Keeping Expensive Clutter Has A Price

And to make things worse, it’s not just the original purchase price. The things in your home have ongoing costs to consider.  It turns out keeping expensive clutter has a price. The longer you hang on, the more you have to pay.

Selling secondhand goods requires considerable time and energy. People either don’t have time to sell their goods or if they do, they still have to deal with the pain of letting go.

“How Do I Recover My Money?”

If this has happened to you, then here is my advice: give yourself the gift of letting go. Think of it this way—how would you feel if all your clutter suddenly disappeared? My guess is pretty good, like a weight lifting off your shoulders.

Finally, if regret about money is still holding you back from decluttering, I encourage you to think of it all as an educational expense.

It’s Not Wasted Money If You Learn From Your Mistakes

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