Tilted Green Blob

"I Have Too Many Clothes But I Like Them All!”


If you know that you have too many clothes, but you have no idea what to do because you like them all—here are some tips that will help.

First, a simple question: do you really wear all of your clothes?

If not, then here’s a hard truth. You probably don’t genuinely like them all— at least not on you.

This is an important lesson that it took me a long time to learn. You can love a style and admire it on other women, but this doesn’t mean that you like how it looks on YOU.

If you don't believe me ...well, the proof is in your closet.

If you're not wearing something you love, then odds are there's something you don't like. Maybe it's the colour, or the fit, or the fabric.

You can love what a dress represents without actually wanting to wear it.

Is it possible that you've fallen in love with the idea of the clothing item and not the actual item?

Another observation (from experience) —  Sometimes we know that a piece of clothing isn't really right for us. But we insist that we love it anyway. Why?

.. Because it's hard to admit that we'll never fit into a dress again or that we spent too much on a blouse that we'll never wear.

It feels safer to say, "I LOVE it ... I just never wear it".

I've been there, so I understand. But I also know that owning too many clothes (especially ones you don't wear) can be emotionally and physically draining.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to create space for what truly matters.