Life Lessons From Minimalism

Simply + Fiercely

Minimalism can be life-changing in many ways. It helped me overcome crippling self-doubt, become debt-free for the first time in my adult life, and take the leap into self-employment.

If you’re curious about the minimalist lifestyle, keep reading for a new perspective on living with less.

The minimalist lifestyle taught me to stop looking around for what I needed to get. Instead, I started noticing how much I already had! When I started to appreciate that I started feeling happier with my little apartment and my life.

The minimalist lifestyle taught me that the value of an item isn’t really weighed by its monetary value.

Minimalism Taught Me The True Value of Things

If you use it every day it’s very valuable! Seasonal items you use every year could be pretty valuable. But if you haven’t used it in years then it has no value to you anymore. Let it go.

My value as a human being had nothing to do with the things I owned. In fact, owning less helped me to grow and develop my personal worth.

My Personal Worth

Our culture focuses on making money and buying things because it makes us feel safe. But minimalism taught me that nothing you can buy can really fix the big problems in life.

Flexibility is Security

Minimalism taught me that experiences never become obsolete and they don’t accumulate dust. Instead of collecting junk, I want to build my life with memories!

The Minimalist Lifestyle Taught Me To Collect Experiences Instead of Things

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