Minimalism Before & After: How It Changed My Life


A decade ago, I was a shopaholic and workaholic.  I was stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

And my home? ...

It was overflowing with clutter.

I struggled to shut my closet door, I had to shuffle papers and who-knows-what every time I sat down for a meal, and I was constantly tripping over things.

My head and heart felt heavy. My life looked good on the outside, but deep down, I was drowning. It was all too much.

Then one day, I discovered minimalism— and everything began to change.

It didn't happen overnight! But slowly and steadily, I started to let go.

But honestly? ...

I decluttered over 80% of my belongings, and my home changed. Instead of feeling like a burden or a source of stress, it's is now a blissful retreat where I can relax and recharge.

What's really changed is how I feel.

Decluttering taught me the art of intentional living. These days, I'm mindful about what I own—and about what I do.

These days, I say "no" more than I say yes and I no longer equate my self-worth with my to-do list.

I also found the courage to stop mindless shopping.

Instead of finding solace in a new dress, I've learned new ways to deal with my fears and insecurities.

I've stopped hiding behind all the "things" that I thought made me feel safe and instead, I'm learning to love myself (without the expensive shoes or the overflowing closet).

I have more time, money and energy than ever before—and with that comes freedom! And that is truly the greatest gift of minimalism 🙏🏻.

A decade of minimalism has changed my entire life—everything  from my career and finances, to how I  feel about myself.  Click to read more about my minimalist journey.