Minimalist Challenges—Fun Ways To Declutter + Simplify

Simply + Fiercely

A minimalist challenge takes one or more areas of your life (like your wardrobe or shopping habits) and provides you with a fun way to switch things up.

Minimalism is a mindset, and it’s also a skill that you build up over time. It can be difficult at first to envision this new way of living.

Why You Should Do a Minimalist Challenge

Here are some fun ways to experiment with the minimalist lifestyle. These simple challenges offer a bit of a structure, and I find this always helps me when I’m trying something new.

If you have the classic problem of a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, then you need to know about Project 333.

Project 333

Find someone else in your life who is interested in living better with less, and see who can last longer in the game. On the first day, you will both get rid of one item, two items the second day and so on until you reach 30 items on the 30th day.

The 30-Day Minimalism Game

You can have the same fun (from the comfort of your home) by playing decluttering bingo. There are existing bingo sheets on the web or you can create your own.

Decluttering Bingo

Embracing minimalism also means adopting a minimalist mindset. The rules are deceptively simple—take five minutes out of each day to do nothing—but I think that many of us would be surprised by the challenge.

The 30-Day Do Nothing Challenge

There’s no point in decluttering your home if you’re still buying more than you need. Having some structure and rules might help you make a change, even if you’ve struggled in the past.

Try a Shopping Ban

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