No New Clothes Challenge: A Year Without Buying Clothes

Simply + Fiercely

As a minimalist, I know I have a pretty small wardrobe. Nothing too extreme—I still enjoy clothes—but it’s a far cry from how I lived in my twenties.

A lot had changed since then but, if I’m honest, I had to admit that I was still buying more than I needed. Every month or so, a handful of new things would find their way into my closet.

I had no trouble decluttering a few times a year, so it never felt like my closet was getting bigger. But that’s not really the point, is it?

I was still buying things I didn’t really need or sometimes even want. My closet looked “minimalist”, but I was wasting time, money and energy when I knew I could do better.

So I decided to do a little experiment: a ‘No New Clothes For a Year’ Challenge.

First, if something changes and I can’t comfortably fit my clothes, then I will buy what I need with no guilt, shame or regret.

What are the rules of your ‘No New Clothes’ challenge?

I also decided ahead of time to allow for two further exceptions to the ban—first, underwear. I knew I needed more, and, as I’ve said, this isn’t about depriving myself of things I genuinely need!

Surprisingly, it’s been very easy! I’ve only been tempted a few times, and in each case, it’s been when I’ve seen something I already love on sale.

What has the shopping ban been like so far?

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