Practical Steps To Living A Purposeful Life

Simply + Fiercely

Do you ever feel like you’re living on autopilot? I know you’re busy chasing goals and checking things off your to-do list … but are you getting anywhere?

Do you feel happy and fulfilled, or are you stuck going through the motions of life?

If these questions make you uncomfortable, I encourage you to consider whether you’re living a purposeful life.

A purposeful life is about tuning out the noise, rejecting external expectations, and looking inwards for guidance.

What Makes a Purposeful Life?

You get to decide your purpose in life—what really matters to you—and then you make the conscious decision to align your life accordingly.

Break free by making a conscious decision to live on your terms. Define your version of success, and you’ll be free to write your own rules.

Define what success means to you

Doing a life audit is powerful because you can’t hide from the truth. You’ll either realise that on track, or you’ll discover you’ve gotten lost. Either way, you’ll walk away with a better sense of what you need to live an intentional life.

Audit your life

Don’t get overwhelmed if there are a lot of things you want to change. Just pick a starting point, focus on one thing, and then take the next step when you’re ready.

Make one small change

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