Shopping Tips From A Minimalist: How To Buy Less But Better

Simply + Fiercely

As a minimalist, some people expect me to say that “I hate stuff”, but honestly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I LOVE stuff—good quality stuff that adds value to my life.

But there is something I hate, and that’s when the stuff I buy turns into clutter.

It’s a horrible feeling to waste money on things you don’t wear, use or love. And yes, you can always declutter later, but isn’t it better to buy less in the first place?

One of the easiest ways to buy less but better is to get really clear about what you don’t like.

Know what you don’t like

This might not seem very minimalist, but I always keep a running shopping list in my diary. Whenever I feel the urge to click “add to cart”, I write it down instead.

Keep a running shopping list

Wear or use your stuff first, make sure it’s really as great as it seems in the shops, and then you can stock up on what you need.

Avoid buying multiples—unless you put them to the test first

Before a big (or even moderate) purchase, I almost always do research. I want to know about durability, practicality, fit, etc., so I read reviews, contact the vendor, or ask questions on forums.

Research your purchases

Before fast fashion and the constant onslaught of new styles, designers would release collections four times a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. I can only imagine that, for the average woman, her shopping habits would also mirror the seasons.

Shop at set times of year

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