Signs It’s Time To Declutter

Simply + Fiercely

Have you ever wondered if there’s a best time to declutter? Or maybe you’ve put off getting started because you’re waiting for the perfect time to begin?

Well, if so, I want to share some of my thoughts because I’ve found they surprise a lot of people.

It’s not about a date on the calendar, and I don’t believe one season intrinsically lends itself to decluttering more than all the others.

Anytime you find clarity about where you are in life. Anytime you feel stuck about where you are in life.

But I do believe there are two clear signs that it’s absolutely, positively time to declutter:

Sometimes we lose track of our values and priorities, sometimes we’re influenced by others, and sometimes we’re simply confused by changes that are a natural part of life.

Understanding Clutter

Whatever the reason, our minds get cluttered, and our ‘stuff’ is a reflection of this.  We don’t know what to keep because we don’t know what we want—or perhaps even who we are.

How can we use this knowledge to improve our lives or, quite frankly, declutter our homes? Well, here’s my first tip: Anytime you have increased clarity about who you are, it’s time to declutter. ​

Even if you’ve struggled in the past, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find it easier this time around. You’ll shed things naturally​ because they just don’t fit into your life anymore.

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