Simple Eating: How I Save Money & Reduce Stress

Simply + Fiercely

Simple eating is inspired by my minimalist lifestyle and—as someone who really dislikes cooking—it has been a lifesaver.

I’m rarely stressed about meals, I save a TON of money, I’ve reclaimed my evenings, and as an added bonus, I’ve even started eating healthier.

Does this sound too good to be true? I promise it’s not! Keep reading to learn more about my minimalist eating philosophy and how you can apply it in your own kitchen.

Around this same time, I was learning a lot about minimalism, and I started taking steps to simplify my closet. Part of the process was creating a capsule wardrobe.

A minimalist approach to food

With this in mind, I started to wonder if I could take a similar approach in my kitchen. Instead of planning meals, could I create a “capsule kitchen” full of foods I love and use “food uniforms” to make mealtimes easier?

The idea behind a capsule kitchen is simple: stock your home full of “go-to” foods that you know you love eating instead of shopping for meals.

The capsule kitchen

– a pantry stocked with my favourite basics (rice, ramen noodles, beans and tortillas) – seasonal fruit and vegetables – cheese, eggs, and a small portion of meat

This is what it looks like for me:

There are a few basic “food structures” I know I love eating—stir-fries, salads, bowls, tacos—so I make these the foundation of almost every meal.

Your food uniform

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