Simple Living Guide: Life With More Of What Matters

Simply + Fiercely

Learn more about the art of simple living, an intentional way of life that balances purpose with ease.

It’s about slowing down, setting your priorities, and letting go of the excess that weighs you down.

Simple living is the art of tuning out the noise so you can hear the desires of your heart and live accordingly.

Both lifestyles are built on a foundation of intentional living—ultimately, it’s always about aligning your life with your values and priorities.

The Difference Between Minimalism + Simple Living

However, minimalism is more often associated with the elimination of physical clutter and, for some, creating a minimalist aesthetic.

With simple living, owning fewer material things is often part of the journey, but it’s not the main focus. Instead, it’s a byproduct of slowing down and simplifying.

Work on your mindsets and beliefs If you’re ready to get started with simple living, I recommend tackling your mindsets and beliefs first.

How to Begin Simplifying Your Life

Once you create a vision for your life, the next thing to do is to start living it! Think about all the different things that you do and own, and compare them to the life you want.

Take action (the little things matter)

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