Simple Tips To Create A Minimalist Home

Simply + Fiercely

Embracing simplicity in your home doesn’t mean you have to forgo bright colours, abandon your style, or give up all your favourite things.

Instead, I invite you to consider a different definition of a minimalist home: a space that feels just right for you and your family.

It’s not too cluttered or too bare. The colour palette, furniture, and style still represent you, but in a way that’s just enough.

When you’re decluttering a space, consider how much time and energy (and sometimes even money) you’re willing to devote to cleaning and maintenance.

Consider how much you want to clean and maintain

Most people are compelled to fill the empty space in their homes, but I encourage you to experiment with clear surfaces, bare walls, and uncluttered floors.

Be intentional about leaving white space

For example, if the hall closet that you use every day is causing you stress because you can never find what you need, start there. The closet in the guest bedroom can wait.

Declutter—starting with your pain points

An example is painting the walls – Most people associate bare white walls with minimalist decor, but I think experimenting with colour is a great way to add personality while still embracing clutter-free living.

Try clutter-free home decor

Next time you run out of something, or something breaks, pause before you replace it. This is one of the best ways to “declutter” without actually decluttering!

Pause before you replace things

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