Simple Ways To Make Life Easier + Less Stressful

Simply + Fiercely

Like many people, I have a lot on my plate. Between work, home and family, my life has the potential to bury me. There’s always something to do, something else to worry about—am I right?

I’m not promising perfection, of course, but I’ve spent the last decade simplifying. Slowly but surely, small changes to my daily routines and habits have made a big difference in my quality of life.

This isn’t a magic solution and I’m not denying the systematic challenges that many face, but if you want an easier life I think it’s worth experimenting with a few new habits.

I’m probably not the first person to tell you that boundaries are important. We all need to know our limits and ask others to respect them.

Create your own boundaries and write a “yes/no” list

Everyone is different and there is no one right way to simplify mealtime. However, if feeding your family is a source of stress, then investing time and energy to find a system that works for YOU is essential.

Options for simplifying mealtime

Slow down and stop for a moment before you: - make a new purchase - decide what to eat - say ‘yes’ to an invitation

Practise the ‘pause’ before making decisions

From experience, I know that when your physical health suffers so does everything else. If you need to order a pizza or leave the dishes in the sink once a week, then do it.

Go to bed earlier at least once a week

When everything has a place, you don’t have to waste valuable time or energy figuring out what to do next. And this applies to everything, not just physical stuff.

Find a home for everything

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