Space-Saving Tips When You're Overwhelmed by Clutter

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As a reformed shopaholic who struggled with excess stuff for years, I’ve learned a lot, and I have plenty of organising and decluttering tips that will help out no matter the size of your home.

Keep reading for tried and tested advice to maximise your space and help you achieve clutter-free living.

This is helpful from an organising perspective—it will help you maintain a clean home—but it’s also important because it provides a pause.

Don’t buy anything unless you know exactly where it will go

Putting extra time between the desire to purchase something and the follow-through will lead to fewer impulse purchases.

Once you’ve slowed the flow of new things into your home, a great way to start the decluttering process is by reflecting on your lifestyle.

Align what you own with your lifestyle

While it’s normal to change with time, it’s helpful to ask if the things you own reflect the life you have or the life you want. It’s a subtle yet significant difference.

Ok, so let’s say you’ve decluttered the items you don’t use, but you’re still overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you own.

Reduce your stuff by category

Someone wrote explaining that they had too many clothes but didn’t feel they could get rid of anything because they had a varied lifestyle.  For example, she could own one less work outfit, one less casual outfit, one less for hobbies, etc.

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