The Best Ways To Declutter Your Life For A Fresh Start

Simply + Fiercely

There are both mental and financial benefits to decluttering – and some of them might shock you!

Keep reading to learn how it can improve your health, and then learn how to declutter your life so you can get that fresh start that you want.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll create a home environment that will give you room to make good memories (and even improve your physical health).

The first thing you need to do is to make a list of the most important places to start. After you know where you’ll start, write down how you will declutter. Make this a part of your daily routine so that you know you have time to do it.

Make A List

To start, just spend a little time and sort items in a small area – like your closet – into the keep, throw away, or donate piles. Set a timer and just spend 20 minutes a day. It will make a difference!

Declutter Your Physical Space

One of the most effective ways to improve your mental health is to declutter your social media accounts. Prioritize your social life – even your online social life.

Declutter Social Media

Invest time in family members and friends that support and encourage you. If someone takes more than they give, let them go.

Let Go Of Toxic Relationships

Finally, if you want more support, then check out my online decluttering course, Clear Your Clutter. I teach a heart-centred, compassionate approach to decluttering.

Get Support

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