Things I Wish I Had Known Before Clearing My Stuff

Simply + Fiercely

If I could go back fifteen years and have a conversation with my younger self, there’s so much I would say.

I’d probably start with a big hug, telling her she’s beautiful (along with a gentle nudge to stop dyeing her greys!), before reassuring her that, yes, everything does get better.

Here are things I wish I had known before I started clearing my stuff, and since I can’t go back in time, I’m sharing them with you.

After working with hundreds of women worldwide: this is absolutely normal. Also, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time.

There’s nothing wrong if decluttering takes longer than you’re expecting

Make time to feel and process all your feelings as part of your decluttering, and it becomes an opportunity for healing and self-discovery.

Decluttering is incredibly emotional work—and that’s a good thing

It can be scary to admit, but it’s also freeing because it doesn’t matter how much you stress or overthink. Odds are, you’ll make some decisions that you regret and some that you don’t.

There are no “right” answers when it comes to decluttering

Learn from your clutter. Create guidelines for yourself (about what to keep, what to sell, what to let go).

Stop making the same decisions over and over

It’s not your decluttered home that solves your problems. It’s what you do with your newfound space: the time you spend repairing relationships, figuring out your values, and so much more.

Your life won’t magically improve after decluttering

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