Types Of Clutter Challenges + How To Tackle Them

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Different types of clutter require different strategies. Keep reading for tips and advice that will help you overcome your biggest decluttering challenges!

Decluttering my old school reports felt nothing like tackling the junk drawer, and neither experience compared with decluttering my daughter’s baby clothes.

The emotional rollercoaster was unique for each and not surprisingly, so was my approach to decluttering.

“But what if I need it someday?” is one of the most common fears people have about decluttering—and for good reason!

Challenge #1: “Just in Case” Clutter

Here’s a tip to make the process easier. Calculate the true cost of keeping your clutter. Do you spend time cleaning or shuffling your items around? What about the financial cost—are you paying for storage or maintenance?

Identity clutter stems from confusion about who you are and who you think you should be.

Challenge #2: Identity Clutter

But here’s a trick that helped me tackle my identity clutter, and it can help you, too. Think about the identity you want to embody (in this case, a successful woman) and re-write your beliefs to reflect your values.

A successful woman wears expensive clothes becomes a successful woman wears what she wants. A good mum buys her kids lots of toys becomes a good mum gives her kids her full attention.

Here are a few examples:

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