Types Of Personal Boundaries + Why You Need Them

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Personal boundaries are a way of protecting our time, space and energy.

Usually, it’s a limit that we set between ourselves and others, but I often find it helpful to set boundaries for myself as well.

I’ll explore four different types of personal boundaries that I’ve established in my life (physical, mental, time, and financial), why they matter, and where to start with setting your own.

Personal boundaries are limits that help us honour our values and priorities, and they’re arguably more important than ever.

What Are Personal Boundaries?

These four types of boundaries have made a significant impact on my life, and I hope they inspire you to get curious and experiment with setting limits for yourself.

Types of Personal Boundaries + Why They Matter

Physical boundaries are limits that relate to space and our environment. Sometimes they are quite personal. For example, you might need to tell someone that you prefer to shake hands instead of hugging when saying hello.

Physical Boundaries

Mental boundaries can be harder to explain because we can’t always see when a line has been crossed—but we all know how it feels.

Mental Boundaries

Time boundaries are limits to how you spend your time and honestly, I find this one of the toughest to enforce. There are several reasons for this: -people-pleasing -the planning fallacy - busyness culture

Time Boundaries

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