Ways To Get Rid Of Clutter Quickly + Easily

Simply + Fiercely

Decluttering can be challenging for many reasons. Maybe you have an emotional attachment to certain items or worry about “what if” scenarios that may never happen.

Whatever the reason, I want to remind you that it’s okay to go slowly. It’s important to go at your own pace and not compare yourself to others.

If you’re feeling motivated, here are creative ways to jumpstart your next decluttering project. These tips will help you get rid of clutter quickly and easily without feeling overwhelmed.

This tip involves flipping time on its head. Instead of thinking about what to get rid of, start by thinking about the end result: how you want to live.

Close your eyes and picture how you’d like to be living in five years

By getting rid of these items, you’ll free up space and immediately feel more organized.

Start with the obvious: garbage, broken or expired items

Imagine you’re going through a big life change—what deserves to come with you, and what should you leave behind?

Pretend you’re moving overseas

By focusing on keeping just one surface clear in each room, you can create the illusion of a clutter-free home without feeling overwhelmed.

Challenge yourself to have one clear surface in every room

Pick one unused item and write a list of 5 things you would do if you needed that item but didn’t have it.

Do you struggle with keeping items “just in case”?

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